In order to understand the function of Comipro+, try operating with the following procedure. This is the work flow standard with Comipro+.
Please refer to Instruction manual concerning other functions.

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(1)Creating new Page, Frame, and Cell to the Document

Push function key 3, Comipro+ create new Cell where the picture of default is set.
Cell is one kind of the element with Comipro+ which designates the picture and the specification as the bundle.

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(2)Changing the picture of the Cell

To change the picture of the Cell, drop an image file on the inspector panel.

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(3)Setting properties of the Cell

You can edit and inspect many of these settings in the inspector.

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(4)Creating new Balloon

Push function key 4, Comipro+ create new Balloon.

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(5)Typing Letter into the Balloon

Type Letter to text view in the inspector panel.
And you can edit and inspect many of these settings in the inspector.

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(6)Adding new Frame to the Page

Push function key 2, Comipro+ add new Frame to the Page.

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(7)Creating new Cell to added Frame

Step (1)-(2) is possible even with procedure.
You can drop an image file to the Frame directly, provided that the Frame exists at the Page.

(8)Creating Sets of HTML Files

To create sets of html files, choose File > Export to Web.

In Addition

...Please refer to Instruction manual concerning details.

icon Comipro+
Version 4

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later


About Asobi Systems

The Asobi Systems corporation which is established in 1991 has researched the cartoon production by the computer as principal theme.
The first achievement is the application Comipro for Mac which was announced in 1993.
And we released the revised edition in 2006 December.

Our corporation has following kind of ideas.
(1)Shifting from the paper medium to Web in the cartoon distribution.
(2)Increasing the amateur cartoon producers than the few professional producers.
(3)The popularization of the cartoon production by the photo.

We are struggling to develop a new software everyday, focusing on Comipro+, including also the web site.
We believe that we will become the first company in the field of cartoon product software.