4.5.6 Released

We have a new frame layout engine, “Integral Engine” has succeeded in developing.
(This can not predict the future)

  • Integral Engine
    New logical frame layout engine, “Integral Engine” was mounted. Since Integral Engine fairly straightforward to respond to a odd span, so we recommended frame layout of the page by dragging the center of the edge of the selected frame with marked “△”.

    “Logical frame layout” is the basic level to the next assignment. It’s determine whether split vertical or horizontal, except for area distribution ratio, deformation, tachikiri and decorative wire frame. Comipro+ allows the frame layout with other elements added to the final transformation, “Fhysical frame layout” is called distinguished.

    If you use the Integral Engine, you have to choose in “Preferences / Style”, because the compatibility with existing engines is not. The new document will be applied initially Integral Engine.

  • Paragraph settings
    We fixed the bug for destroy the existing paragraph settings when you drag the frame to head or tail of the page.
  • Balloon with image embedded
    We fixed the bug for the embedded image is not to be black and white ignore the boundaries specified by cover color threshold.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements made a few more.

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