4.5.7 Released

We have added the following features.

  • Now you can drop Cells and Balloons to Pocky
    The new Frame is created when you do, and move into it.
    You can now divide the work into multiple shots of the scene content in 1 action.
  • As the balloon tail type “arrow” is now available
    You can not make to tail type “arrow” for explosive style Balloons.
    The cloud type will be ignored given the tail bends.
  • Modifying the layer stacking order with the context menu has been changed
    We changed from “You have given a different element on the element you clicked” to “You have another element on a given element is clicked”.
    By pressing the right button while pressing ⌘ key, you can change the conventional way.
    If you are going to change dramatically the stacking order, please do it in Scenario segment(⌘+2).
  • We abolished the function “Double click to create new Cells”
    Double-click to update documents is a contract violation in the user interface guidelines.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements made a few more.

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