4.5.8 Released

We have added the following features.

  • Image file recovery feature
    Added the ability to recover even if the original folder instead save the desktop with the drawing software when double-click the Cell generated from the built-in image.
    It can be useful in case of your favorite drawing software has not the same as the original file saved to the default folder in the “Save As” panel.
  • Built-in image related bug fixes
    Fixed a bug in a drawing software can no longer edit the image when all built-in image files are locked away after saving the document.
    Fixed a bug that is flagged immediately update the document again when you save a document to add new images.
  • Changing the contents and opacity of the stencil
    The initial images created by the new Cells are not blank, it is thinner content of the current Frame typically.
    Now include the border lines, pop up elements and the content of the adjacent Frames.
    The reduced opacity than ever, and as for not too large for the size in Tachikiri Frame.
  • Reload
    Measures for the loading image file being overwritten while drawing software as “incomplete image”.
  • Selection lock
    By locking button in the inspector panel, you can be “hard off” the selection of the Cell.
    Once the selection is locked, the Cell can hold a selection by clicking on the Balloons.
    Please use if you want to focus on a particular Cell.
  • Stealth
    Stopped to see the shadow of elements to hide. Most noticeable on the editing screen now, please use this function to erase the Cells are no longer needed to the draft images.
    For this purpose we recommend the traditional method opacity to 0, from now please use the stealth features because it is quite a lot.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements made a few more.


  1. ubitzo

    this doesnt work at all everytime i do something in 2 second i get the rainbow wheel and it doesnt work please fix NOW!

  2. Buddesatva

    This write-up on the of 4.5.8 Comipro+ arrives in English very poorly. If someone knowledgeable could take another shot, I would be grateful. What is published above is very bad, but I have no doubt the intent was exclusively positive. Wish I could understand what is being said.

  3. Kaz (Post author)

    To ubitzo
    We did

    To Buddesatva


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