5.1 Released


Balloon Ruby

Since OS X Yosemite is corresponding to the ruby, we migrated to OS standard features and discard our own drawing process using 20 years. (Thus, the present version than OS requirements will be later Yosemite)
Incidentally, ruby and half voiced notation for nasal sound is now valid in horizontal writing.

Thread Subdivision

Although in previous versions was to create a two-page spread in one thread, the new version was to create all Cells and Balloons at the same time (if possible).

Image Filter

Such as a halo of the flash light filter was to avoid missing the enlarged part even if that exceeds the original image size.

Response and Memory consumption

Improvements have been made to the response and memory consumption to review the timing of the disposal of content that is no longer visible by scrolling.


We had a minor improvements and bugfixes other.

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