New Elements

Comipro+ Document consists of 4 classes, it’s Pages, Frames, Cells and Balloons.
Respectively, F1〜F4 to create a new empty element. (Of course it’s just a shortcut, you can also choose the menu)
Page and Frame is a container. Page holds some Frames, Frame holds some Cells and Balloons.
Cell is a object for based on 1 image. The name “Cell” was derived from the old anime process.
There is no distinction between imitative sound and speech balloon. Expressed as follows instead by attribute to the transparent substrate, and/or choosing a “Sign Bord” method arranged to hide the cells.

In the above video, create a Page with F1, create a Frame with F2 and create a Cell with F3.
When you create a new Cell, Comipro+ will open preferred image editing application. When you save on painting, while Comipro+ make synchronized with the image by reload the file.
Finally, create a Balloon with F4 and type the characters.

By the way, you need not to create new elements with F1〜F4 in fact most.
If you divide an existing page on the Pocky(the gap between frame and frame) it created new Page as a result. And if you dropping a image file on the Pocky it created new Cell with Frame.
Balloon will be automatically created if you starting type any characters from the keyboard.
Comipro+ offers many ways to create new elements in other.

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