An oval rod occupied in the gap between Frame and Frame is called “Pocky”(1)(2), and a half oval rod exist in head and tail of the Page is called “Vice-Pocky”(3)(4). There are crucial role in the comic document editing in Comipro+.

Pocky and Vice-Pocky is a drop area for any elements and image files such as I-beam cursor in text editor. Pocky is also a drag area for set to ratio and deformation of the frame(Comipro+ called it “Physical Frame Layout”)
The center of Pocky and Vice-Pocky has been a toggle switch, if you set it on take declare to “the strong punctuation” between Frame and Frame.

Movie Flow
Create a Frame and Cell
When you drop the image file to the Pocky, Frame and Cell are created together.
Ratio and Deformation of the Frame
Horizontal Pocky(1) dragging up and down, vertical Pocky(2) dragging left and right to changes the ratio of the adjacent Frames. Even if drag the edge of Pocky to deformation for the adjacent Frames.

Vice-Pocky(3)(4) can not be dragged. All types of Pockey can not accept Cells and Balloons.(This restriction was removed in 4.5.7)

Toggle Swtch
Set of 3 dots in the center of Pocky is a toggle swtch for declare to “the strong punctuation”.
If you checked a switch of the vertical Pocky(2) make forces horizontal split. Even if Vice-Pocky(3)(4), The Frame holds head or tail position of the page against “Made to Order/Ready Made” as a inter page layout method.

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