Popup and Content Sharing

Cells and Balloons belong to a particular Frame(1), but you can display in area of the other Frame.


Right page has been vertical split into 2 Frames, the Figure Cell and the Background Cell in the narrower Frame. (You don’t know what exist in because it’s too narrow)
Left Page has 1 empty Frame.


One way is “Popup(Buchinuki)”, In most cases the Cells with an alpha channel (Character etc) or Balloons to appear “over” the other Frames will work up to crossing the line.(2)

(3)Content Sharing

Another method is “Content Sharing” to display all the contents of the Frame including the background “by” the other Frames.(3)

To be confined to 1 page Popup scope, Content Sharing is effective facing the opposite Page. (Please see 2 and 3 in comparison)

(4)Content Sharing+Tachikiri

If you set Tachikiri for all Frames in the Content Sharing Group, you can look like painting led across 2 pages.(4)

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